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canvas and calico portfolio case...

As promised, here's the companion to those recycled file folders!

YIP2010 - 056

This is a cloth portfolio to hold those file folders together. It's really easy to make and is a fun little organizational project. It's also a nice space for adding embroidery. (Which I haven't done yet, but will as soon as I decide what I want to add...)

portfolio supplies

You'll need: canvas, calico fabric, felt, buttons, thread.

hand hemmed

Cut your canvas. Mine is about 21.5" wide, 13.25" high. This is approximate, as this is a flexible project that you can make your own. Fold and pin the edges in and hand hem with a running stitch. Leave one short end un-hemmed until the next step.

button hole flap

From the felt (I used wool blend), cut a section of rough scallops. Pin and stitch this along with your last short end of hem.

sewing buttons

Next you'll sew on the buttons, but you need to figure out where to place them. To do this, set your folders (or whatever you'll be placing inside the portfolio) in the middle of the canvas. Loosely wrap the canvas around them, and see where the felt overlaps. Sew your buttons so that they will line up with the felt when closed.

button holes

Carefully cut button holes into the felt.

inside wrap

Now, cut your calico fabric. Mine is 9.5" wide, and 26" high. With the canvas open, wrong side up, lay the calico strip, wrong side up, perpendicular to the canvas.

Sew the pieces together with a row of running stitch that is a little shorter than the calico. My stitching is about 1" from the edge of the canvas. Do this at the top and bottom.


It's finished! To use, place your folders in the center of the portfolio. Wrap the calico around the folders, then wrap the canvas and button.


If you make one of these, I'd love to see it! Please add photos to the Wild Olive Flickr group, or leave a comment with a link back!


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