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wondering why...

filling in...

You know, when I started this, I thought that filling in these outlines would be a good idea. Now I'm wondering why. No, actually, I still think it will look nice...it's just going to make me crazy while I satin stitch this heart.

It's a new pattern (coming to the shop soon!), and is one that gets to be for my parents. You can sort of see a part of it, and can probably tell that it is a carved heart with initials. My parents initials. And I'm going to give it to them for the 34th anniversary of their first date...on February 13th. I do hope they like it!


  1. so cute! i did something similar for my in-laws 40th anniversary and she loves it!

    i love your work btw :)

  2. loving this miss mollie... i can't wait to see the pattern in my inbox someday. ;)

    hope your 2010 is going well so far. :)

  3. Can't wait to see it! This reminds me that I should do something for my sons 4th birthday, which is the 14th of Feb.


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