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it seems to be contagious...

At this time of year there are a lot of things that you can "catch" from someone. This one doesn't involve a sneeze, thankfully.

As I've mentioned before, my brother PJ (who just turned 10) has a certain creative style to him. He loves to make things, and draw things, and you know, get into trouble...because, he is a 10-year-old boy, after all. Recently he started writing/illustrating a collection of stories, which he wants to make into a book. Sort of graphic novel like. It's called Hamster Stories, and features the main character, "Ham". (By the way, this idea is all his, so please don't steal his intellectual property!)

Boy Hamster Kit

Here's where the contagious part comes in. To go along with his stories, he created what he has called a "Boy Hamster Kit". This feels so much like the kind of thing that I make, and in fact, will be sharing soon! The idea with this, is that you can print it out (he plans to make copies for all his friends!), and add facial features, hands, legs and accessories to the main body.

Clicking on the image will take you to the larger version on Flickr, but to help you out with some of them, here's some hints: to the left of the flower are different types of eyes, in the upper left are Wolverine claws and an eye patch below them, at the bottom are several mouths, and to the left of those is a fencing foil. The rest you'll have to figure out on your own!

I do also want to point out those adorable dashed lines around them, and please note that some even have scissors there to tell you to cut them out!

PJ has generously offered to share these with you and the little ones you love...isn't he the sweetest?!? Have fun making a "Ham"!


  1. Oh my Mollie, that is amazing. The potential is endless. That's really great that you have such an amazing creative family. Thank you (& PJ of course) for sharing. I hope he develops his story and many more series' as well.

  2. This is awesome. I can only hope that my son (now only 15 months) will grow up and make stuff like this. : )

  3. Just perfect for Miguel to do this evening. Please tell him we say many thanks for sharing this extreemly cool boy project-as there are never enough things for boys!!

    Cleo & Miguel
    all the way from deepest darkest South Africa!


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