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the go to colors...

the go to colors

Do you have certain colors that you reach for more frequently than others? When I'm stitching (ok...for other things too), brown is always a favorite. The two shades that I should just buy in bulk are 938 and 839. Sort of a deep, rich shade, and a lighter chocolate brown. Lovely.

Which colors do you use more than others?


  1. Whenever I need red, I reach for 321. I like its cool undertones. I don't like warm reds somehow...

  2. My paint palette reveals nothing, it seems to indicate all colours are equally squeezed out. This may have more to do with my squeezing skills, because my paint-buying receipts revel that I use most white and yellow. Is this obvious in my paintings? I don't think so.

    I am also forever buying black, white and burnt umber colouring pencils.


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