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pompom fail

My brother is a big fan of Fail Blog. There are quite a lot of, um, questionable items there. But there is also lots of funny. (The link there goes to just the G-rated entries.)

Today, I had a bit of a fail myself.

You see, I thought that a pompom made out of crochet thread would be really cute. I had visions of it becoming a necklace. It turns out, crochet thread is really useful stuff. Just not for pompoms. When it failed, I realized that, duh, the reason that pompoms made from yarn work, is that the yarn is puffy. That puffiness helps it work. Crochet yarn...not puffy.

Oh well, better to try something and have it not work than to not try, right?

It did get me to start a set of photos on Flickr of crafty fails. And then I thought it might be fun to start a group too. But guess what? There's already a CraftFail group! If you've got pics of things that didn't work out...add them there!

Care to share a craft fail here? You know you want to. And we all promise that we won't point and laugh...


  1. Okay! Thanks!
    ...as if I don't waste enough time on Blogs, now I've been wasting time over on FailBlog too!


  2. Good to know! Thanks for sharing!

    (my word verification is "ankyways", that's a funny word to me, and it'll probably stick in my head all day!)

  3. Craftfail actually has a blog too where the crafters share the story of the fail along with the photos. Its one of my fav blogs. Check it out. http://craftfail.com/

  4. There's a FailBlog? I've had some things at craftfail.com ... and I'm due for an update soon...

    Maybe the pompom isn't a complete failure. Maybe a stitch or two of lace on top. Fixed with beads or buttons. And it can be a collaged little bit (to be sewn to a pin?)

    I've made so many first drafts of dolls that come out as complete mutant creations, it's pretty funny - I need to get photos of them all.


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