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making cookies...

No, I still haven't done any baking...

But I have been back to the sewing machine.

cut and layered

I took some of my Cookies for Santa ornament panel fabric, and decided to make soft play cookies for my little sister. So, I cut white fabric for the back, and trimmed cotton batting just a bit smaller than my shapes. (Also, on some of the cookies, I made them just a bit larger than the outline on the fabric.)

Then I layered them as you see in the photo.


Stitched around them, and left an opening. These shapes were great sewing machine practice for me. But oh...I'm still working on how big an opening to leave. Most of them were tricky to turn.


But at last, they all were turned. Then I pressed them, and they were all set to stitch closed.

cookie plate

Yay! Cookies for Santa! (and Grace!)

Since I'm not listing anymore ornament kits in my Etsy shop this year, I've made the fabric available at Spoonflower.

Also today, I worked on this:

heart cookie


a raw seam

I'll share more about this one tomorrow. But I will say that I remained faithful to my sewing machine experiences: I broke two needles today. My mom tells me that she's going to start charging me for them, which is only fair!

One last thing...

Thanks for all of the love on my stocking post! It was a kit, which I kind of remember seeing in stores during my childhood years. No pattern here anymore...but perhaps a close look at the stitches could help. They all seem to be standard crewel stitches. Good luck!


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