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the fruitcake of my labor...


My first official holiday baking has happened. And it's fruitcake.

This was my first try at this traditional treat, and I have to say...it was a success. I know that some folks really don't like it, but this stuff was good. And not entirely difficult to make either. I used a recipe for White Fruitcake, and adjusted the fruit/nut amounts a little. It really came out like a nice, dense, moist bread with fruit and raisins...Certainly not a doorstop!

In other fruitcake news, you can download Frustrated Fruitcake printable gift tags over at The Sampler this month!

And, I'm still working on the doorstop for my dad, which will use my embroidered Frustrated Fruitcake. Should I be worried about this obsession?


  1. yum! it looks so good!

  2. Anonymous8:20 AM

    I LOVE fruitcake..both the dark brick marzipan covered type and the moist cake like studded with frutis and nuts...Mmmmm...Thanks for the recipe!


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