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the first woodlanders desktop calendar...

Happy New Year's Eve! I can not believe that 2010 starts tomorrow.

In 2009 I really noticed how fast time goes by when you turn the calendar each month. Or for me, when I posted the desktop calendar for your computer each month. It almost bothered me...to the point that I considered not posting them in 2010. But alas, I've succumbed, because what would go on my family's kitchen computer?

This year, I'm creating the desktops in two sizes. They are different proportions so that both Macs and PCs can use them. You may need to have it shrink down, but better that than stretching it. And so here we go...

Perplexed Stump isn't sure what to do with himself. He was once a beautiful tree, but was recently cut down to be used as a Christmas Tree. Oh dear.

And coming soon, you'll find Perplexed Stump here as a free embroidery pattern!


  1. Hip, hip, hooray! I'm so glad to hear you are doing these backgrounds again this year. I really enjoyed the 2009 ones.

  2. I believe that Perplexed Stump's cousins are in my front yard right now, as a huge tree was taken down this week and nobody's bothered moving the stumps. So if you need further inspiration, let me know!


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