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easy gifts to make for boys...

I feel like an elf at this point in December, because I've been trying to get lots of little things made. And I've been managing...Right now I feel like it may happen in time for Christmas!

Peppermint Spinner

Anyway...last night I was trying to think of something easy and small-ish that I could make for my little brothers, just to add to the other things that I'm making them. So I googled "easy gifts to make for boys". And I wasn't really excited about what I found. But then I remembered a simple little toy that is super fast to make. I think they are sometimes called button yo-yos, but I'm not sure.

Basically, you tie a string into a loop through a large button. Then you hold the string from both sides with the button in the middle, and spin the button around a bit. When the string twists, you pull the two sides out to tighten it, move your hands in to loosen it, and you continue...keeping the button spinning.

Peppermint Spinner

To make my own for gifts, I took some 1.5" plain wooden discs and punched two holes in them with my Crop-O-Dile. (A simple wooden button would also work) Then I painted them to look like peppermints, added an initial to each, and then threaded red cotton crochet thread through. Easy!

I love too, that kids could paint these themselves to have their own custom button yo-yos. AND, we've found that for little ones who need some resistance/heavy work, they are great for little arms (Tracy...your girls need these!).

There you have it...a fast, easy, fun little stocking stuffer type gift for boys...or girls. Happy Monday!


  1. Anonymous10:46 AM

    i love the idea but it might be a gift that they will get bored of quickly i will make this lovely gift but from your experience do the acually play with it? thanks for the help!:)

    1. It's really more of a stocking stuffer or gift topper...they don't play with it too much, but they do like it!


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