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almost gone...

advent (wip)

Eep! Look at all these Advent Teeny Tinies that Kristi stitched! The only one not pictured is the heart, which I posted after she took this shot. But whoa, I love seeing them all together, and the red is perfect. I confess, Kristi had more dedication and determination than I ended up with this year.

In addition to showing off this amazing use of the free patterns that are in the sidebar, this is also a reminder that the patterns will be going away. Soon. As in, they are only available until the 31st. Then they'll go away, and not return until next Christmas stitching season, and they'll be in the shop. As in, not free.

Get your set while you still can!


  1. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Thanks Mollie!! I downloaded the second half today!!! These are the cutest!!! Kristi did a great job too!

  2. This is perfect! Thank you very much!


  3. oh no! I just found your blog, and the little designs, and thought it would be an awesome project to do throguhout the year, in order to make an advent calendar :-(

    I'll have to snarf them next year, and make an advent calendar for 2011!

  4. Oh dear! Well, they may be out as early as July, and part of a Christmas in July sale...

    If you are on the Mailing A-List (in the sidebar), you'll get an email reminder for when that comes up!


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