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whoooo this is for...


I'm starting to go into all out gift making mode! I love this time of year, with all of the fun things to make. Some people, I've found, are the ones that you want to make tons of things for...and others, it's difficult to find something good.

The hardest part for me is being sure that no one finds out what you're making for them. Which is why I don't post too many of the items on here. Just in case, you know? But the owl above is for a little person that can't read, and doesn't look at my pictures...so it's safe. Mind you, he was driving me crazy today, and for a moment I was tempted to just keep Stanley (the owl).

Stanley was a project from the RVA class, and I made him from an old sweater, which I felted. He's super soft and sweet! I still have enough of the sweater to make another one, if I do his feet a bit different.

OK...I'm off for now, probably back tomorrow with pics of treats that need to be baked!


  1. He's adorable!

    Got my fabric today! It's so cute...

  2. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Fantastic Owl!

  3. Oh he is so cute. I have a grey sweater just waiting for a project like this.



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