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productivity stems from passion...


On Sunday, I showed a print from Frank Chimero with this quote, and told you to remember it. Today, I'll share why I find this to be so important, and how it has affected me.

But let me go back...

When I started this blog, over five years ago (whoa...), it was during a time of always being busy with work. I was an independent contractor, I was on call nearly all the time, and I allowed myself to work this way. A mistake. Anyway, in the midst of it, I discovered that I wasn't doing fun things. I liked my work enough, but it was still work. The blog was meant to inspire me to do things to blog about.

Well, it sort of worked. For a while. But my dedication to writing here, as well as the things that I was doing, weren't lasting. Not that one always needs to stay busy, but I didn't keep on. Here's a big reason: I wasn't passionate about the things I was doing or writing. Therefore, no productivity. No inspiration.

Think about it. When you're in love or find something you love, when you're excited about something or someone, when you're passionate...you go on and on about it. You can't get enough! And everywhere you look, things remind you of the person or thing you are excited about. (Inspiration!)

In the last year or two, I've discovered that I'm passionate about the things that I make. I love to stitch, and draw, and paint, and craft (I find inspiration everywhere!)...and I love to share it with others. Which is why this space can sometimes become a never-ending list of things that I'm making. It's because I love making them, and can't get enough! (If you know me in non-internet life, you know that there are other things that are equally important to me, like my faith in God, and Ministry, and family...but this is my spot for Making, Doing, Creating!)

When we are passionate about things, it shows. We give our all to them. When we aren't passionate, apathy is also apparent. We have a hard time devoting time to them, and inspiration doesn't show up too often.


What are you passionate about?

How does it show up in your productivity?

When are you most inspired?

How can you find more ways to make your passions part of your everyday life?

Let's call this an open discussion.


  1. Wow, how timely! I've just been questioning myself on this lately at my own blog. I have ideas for things I'd like to make to sell & I'm excited about them. But they're not working out for me.
    On the other hand, I have some ideas I'm passionate about - making some dolls - that I've been putting off - I think not making those is what's stifling all my other creativity. I haven't made dolls in years but I think it's time to get back to it.

  2. kimberly5:29 PM

    i, too, have been pondering this subject. my job is sucking the life out of me right now. from monday-friday, i feel like the days are dragging and that there is no desire or energy to tackle anything. on the weekends, i am recovering. i need to make a life change that involves some time off. i've been doing the same thing for 9 years, and i think there needs to be some soul searching to discover that passion again.

  3. I think it's interesting that when you come right down to it, and really look at it, we can see the things that don't work because they don't match up with our passions.

    tamdoll, I wonder what would happen to your other pursuits if your doll making came back into your life. Perhaps it would bring out other kinds of inspiration?

    Kimberly, like yourself, my regular work (although in the creative area technically) can bring me down. It's probably inevitable that we feel that way...in anything. But I have found that having some flexibility in my time has helped. It allows me to work the stuff I love into my days...and THAT is a huge help!


I often reply to comments in the comments...check back if you have a question!