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a november desktop for you...

Oh my goodness! November! Probably my favorite month, because it holds my birthday and Thanksgiving. This year on the same day!

It's also a good month to go back to knitting. I don't like to knit when it is warmer weather, and I've been working on other kinds of things lately, so I think November will be the month. I've seen all kinds of fun patterns, and am just dying to try a few. Plus, I have an idea for an easy pattern that I'm going to try and create. To share, of course!

For now, why not add Skeined Yarn to your computer's desktop? Download November's wallpaper here.


  1. This is really cute, thank you for sharing it with us! Skeined Yarn now graces my desktop. :)

  2. PS I also meant to say how awesome it's been to watch the Caregiver Kits progress in your sidebar. Look at how many there are!! :) Awesome.

  3. You are so sweet.

    My oldest son is coming for a visit today (from CA) but I had to take a moment to say I'll be thinking about you on your birthday! : )

    I'm not too far off from you on the 21st. : ) It is such a joyous time of year to be born.

  4. Same birthday! In my family, we always ended up separating them so that I got my *own* birthday rather than having to folded into Thanksgiving. Hoping yours is a happy one.


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