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giving is good...

Do you like to give people things? I do. I love it. It's this love of giving things that makes the Caregiver Kits so much fun for me.

In a comment today, Kristi mentioned that she's really enjoyed watching the Caregiver Kits add up in the sidebar. And I couldn't agree more! I've been updating the graphic with every 2 Kits, but with every Kit (on the graphic or not), I get so delighted! Technically, the count is at 19 right now. 19! One more until 20, which is the smallest number I need to order in bulk.

But guess what? There are still almost 2 weeks left until November 15, when this session of Caregiver Kits ends. Which means we'll have more than 20...I can feel it! And to help with this, I'll be sending out a special offer to the Mailing A-List next week...

Speaking of giving, today I received an order from Kelly who told me that she's getting boxes together for Operation Christmas Child. If you're not familiar with this project, the idea is to pack a shoebox with small toys, hygiene products and other treats. Then they get sent around the world for children who receive no other gifts. It's really fun, and really meaningful. I encourage you to check them out.

But here's the cool part: She's going to print out my Woodlanders calendar to include in her boxes! What fun! I'm totally going to steal this idea and print out some goodies for the box I'm packing. I usually buy items, and I'll still do that, but some handmade in there will make it extra special!

1 comment:

  1. We do Operation Christmas Child at our church every year! It's so much fun to fill those boxes know that there's a smiling child at the receiving end! Maybe I'll put a calendar in my box this year too...hmmmm....


    P.S. thanks for the november desk top! tres cute!


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