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favorite fall shoes are back...

It's Thursday, which meant a walk with Anna for some coffee and photography. We hadn't been able to go for a few weeks, so this was especially nice today. The weather is starting to change, and we're not sure how long we'll continue the walks to Starbucks.

But today it was nice. You could hear a lovely rustle of leaves as they blew across the pavement...and then a windchime. Wonderful...

mushroom clump...

Anna spotted these mushrooms, and I was delighted!

macro tree bark...

Beautiful tree bark. The reddish part is where it had split a bit. Trees are amazing creations, aren't they?

leaf and moss.

And then this moss...I'm loving it!

All of these things that we found are perfect today, because tomorrow in the shop you'll be able to find the latest thing that I've been working on. The Woodlanders 2010 printable calendar! I'll share more about this tomorrow, but today you can see the pics on Flickr!


  1. Lydia8:04 PM

    Gorgeous pictures! I live in Texas and our leaves don't change color quite like that, sadly.

  2. There's something about moss, I'll agree. I was on a walk today down at Island Park near the Mill Race and got to run my fingers along some on a stone bridge. I've often thought if I ever farmed anything, it would be moss. Are there moss farms? I've never heard of one but I would do it just to be able to touch moss everyday.

  3. Ohh! I miss moss! I love seeing it growing out of every crack and crevice! We might be moving back to N. California and I will get to have my moss back :)

  4. Great pictures, Mollie! You and your sister are way too crafty/artsy...I'm jealous :-)

    And a Happy Halloween to you and the family. I'll have to stop by and see all the little Halloweeners.


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