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warm wrists...

wrist warmers

I've been thinking about making some wrist warmers, and I like Holly's pattern over on Red Velvet Art. But that would require some actual knitting. Easy knitting, but still.

So I was thrilled when I came across this tutorial yesterday! Especially because I had just discovered a pair of socks that I love had a hole in the heel. So I went to work and snipped them up, added some embroidery thread stitching (both to help control unraveling as well as perk up the color a bit).

And they are all done and keeping my wrists warm! I also added a little XO for fun...

I'm so delighted with these!

XO detail

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  1. I love miss leethal!! :) Glad you found her too.. this project of hers is on my "to do/make" list! <3


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