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this had me stumped...


At last, I've finished this tree stump embroidery. I've loved it. But it has felt like it took forever to complete. Not really, but over a week, which is long for me. I tried out doing a chain stitch on it, which added to the time it took. I'm a newbie when it comes to the chain stitch, and it shows. But this was a good project for it, because the irregularity of my stitches adds to the rustic look. Right?

I'm tempted to sew it into a clutch purse. What do you think?

Happy Hanukkah Menorah

Here's my next stitching. Back in August, someone suggested that I do some Hanukkah illustrations for gift tags and such, and they also are at last done! Now it's just to stitch this and add a few other finishing touches to the other Hanukkah items.

Halloween Jam Thumbprint

And then there's this. I've been stitching up Cookies for Santa ornaments this week. And my sister has been continually trying to put them on my mom's Halloween tree. (Yes, you read that correctly...we have a Halloween tree in our living room!) We have given up on keeping the Christmas ornaments off. It sort of looks at home now.

Anyway, all of these things will be part of my shop update for next week. I'm excited about this one!

Happy Saturday!


  1. I think the stump would make a wonderful puruse. :)

  2. Your chain stitches look great!! They look really woody and neat!
    I love the border xo

  3. All the projects are awesome. I think the purse would be really cute. I love the idea of a Halloween tree.


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