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a good man is hard to find...

Lydia's Pillow

A few weeks ago, I received an order from a guy who wanted to order some embroidery patterns for his girlfriend. Now, to me, a guy who goes around ordering embroidery supplies of any kind is the sort of guy you hang onto. This is clearly someone who knows his girlfriend and wants to make her happy. Needless to say, I found this order to be so sweet!

Then a couple days ago I got an email from Lydia, the girlfriend. She sent me some photos of completed projects using my patterns! What you see above is a pillow she stitched, and she also made one where the "A" in Trick or Treat was my candy corn pattern. Great, right?

Thanks, Lydia for the photos and for letting me share! Oh, and hang onto the guy of yours...he clearly understands us crafty types!


  1. Lydia8:03 PM

    Hi Mollie...I am super flattered that you featured me on your blog. Yay! I love your site so much...it's very inspiring.

  2. Awww, that's so sweet! And the pillow looks awesome.


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