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project runway...


I don't watch project runway, but it would seem as though I should. When I was younger I used to draw fashion designs with a friend of mine. All the time.

Lately though, not so much. I've had this idea rolling around for awhile...clothing with faces. (because, you know...it's how I do things) Then a few months ago, a very sweet customer suggested that I do a collage sheet that was fashion-themed. A perfect reason to dust off those sketches! But still they sat. Until now.

We needed some clothing images for a game for church. And sure, we could probably find them elsewhere, but again, I thought it would be a good motivator. And it was! There are two complete outfits, with accessories (more than you see above)...and they mix and match.

Now, here's my dilemma: I really like how they look without faces. So do my mom and sister. But...things with faces is my thing. Do I need to add them to fit my style? What to do?!

If you've got thoughts on this, please...put in your two cents!


  1. Oh, I say leave it be. I'm sure you're familiar with The Black Apple, yes? She seems to have layers of style. Some of her work appears more formal than others. These little faceless clothes scream WildOlive to me even without your two-dots-and-half-circle. ;)

    Loving your blog - found you through Etsy while searching for embroidery patterns. I especially adore your ideas for using my embroidery! I see so many cute patterns, but I'm always asking myself, "How many bibs/onesies/blankies should a childless woman really make???" ;)

  2. I think they are cute and don't need faces either.

    But I know what you mean about having a thing, I find myself wondering if my stuff looks like 'me' too... perhaps you could add your cute faces as accessories on the collage sheet? like a wild olive design tee or bag or patches for the jeans? xo

    ps Project runway is awesome!!


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