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hot and not...

You know in fashion magazines how they have the "What's Hot, What's Not" page? Loobylu came up with the wonderful idea of doing the same thing on her blog, and encouraged others to try it too. And so I am.

the yummiest...

HOT: Amazing pizza from this place that we can walk to. This slice has shaved turkey, tomatoes, spinach and onions. Yum!

NOT: When you happen to get the piece that has a big bubble of air underneath. I want all the yummy, bready crust I can get!

HOT: DMC Specialty threads. I'm in love with the color variations and idea of metallic thread.

NOT: The extra price tag that these come with, as well as the headaches of metallic.


HOT: Looking through teen fashion magazines with your sister over lunch in the park.

NOT: Wearing the clothes that you see in the magazine. You can't tell me that couture hip-hop will ever be seen on the streets in my town!


  1. didn't we discover that place together? that's lovely you can walk to it.

  2. Yes! And I'm so glad we did...!

  3. I agree- I hate metallic threads but someone pointed me to - http://ow.ly/j2en

    I ordered some, and while I haven't used it I really feel like it's going to be wonderful. It just feels smoother which already makes me believe it won't snag like other metallics. I will definitely report back after I use it (which will probably be on some holiday ornament designs!)


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