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old embroidery hoops...


I love these. So much. They are some vintage embroidery hoops that I received from my grandma's house...or maybe it was my aunt's house. I can't remember. Anyway, there is something so charming about them.

The wood is all smooth and well used (as is the cork inside the metal hoop), and most are simpler to use than the modern versions. Framing finished embroidery in a hoop is my favorite method, and the old hoops make it look more special. Which is good, because unfortunately, the smooth well-used hoops are not especially great for stitching. They don't keep your work tight for too long.

beet on the wall

Remember the Beet that I made from my Vegetable Produce Pals pattern? I framed it in an old wooden hoop, then added a running stitch frame around it, and trimmed it about 1/4" outside of that. And now it's hanging in the kitchen...perfect against my mom's vegetable wallpaper. It's the one thing that she was unwilling to change when the kitchen was updated a few years back. I kinda don't blame her, it's pretty cool.

But I'm getting off track again. This was a great use for one of my hoops that I'm careful of parting with. They are hard to come by at a low price, and ordering 1 or 2 at a time off of Ebay is too time consuming for me. So I wait until I can find a lot, or better yet, I tell my aunt who sells at flea markets that I'm looking for them. And then they just show up!

How do you like to frame and display finished embroidery? (You know, that you aren't using for other fun things to do with embroidery...)

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  1. Both of us here at kraftxcore purchased some large vintage embroidery hoops at a garage sale recently! they have been sitting idle for a while but i really like the thought of using them as frames. maybe even just putting some colorful fabric in them and on a blank wall may look intresting!


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