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more of PJs sewing...

PJs iPod

Here's PJ's latest project. A felt iPod.

Here's how these have been going lately. PJ comes to me and says, I'd like to make a "_________". Can you help me? Since these are new for him, I've been figuring out the construction part. Then I cut out the pieces and explain how we'll put it together. I get him started, and lend a hand when needed, but otherwise, he does the stitching.

For the iPod, he chose the white thread, and on the screen and click wheel I like that. I wish he would've gone with blue for the rest, so as to hide some stitching. Oh well. He requested help with the corners, which I understand...those take time...and actually, he sort of did the last one. And I think that his favorite part is taking the pictures at the end. He uses props, like the old iPod Shuffle dock that you see in the background above.

His new request is to make a felt cactus. Should be a challenge, I'm thinking. Anyone know of a good, easy, free cactus pattern? If not, you may find one here someday soon.


  1. loooooving everything about your blog right now!! Now, I am going to hop over to your Etsy and find more things to love :)

  2. Thanks, Janel! I've been having fun here lately...it's always good to hear that others enjoy it too!


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