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a few of my favorite (vintage) things...

What is it about old stuff that is so appealing? Here are a few Etsy shops that feature amazing vintage. So much to love...

26olivestreet has all kinds of great stuff. Lots of large numbers for decorating, and some fun old supplies like above. And how cute are their poladroid item shots?

I was so sad to miss out on a "practice filing set" index card box from abbacadabra. Now I'm loving these Debbie Reynolds Colorforms...

In place of that card box, perhaps this rolodex from WeThinkWeCan is what I need...

Finally, oh man...don't you just NEED this Polaroid? Perhaps not as much as the nearly impossible to find film. Unfortunately, only the "display piece" camera is available from PonyParty.

Truly, this is nothing compared to what is in these shops...you must check them out. And I'll probably have to share more vintage loves soon...there are so many lovely shops collecting and sharing so many lovely things!

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  1. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Great Etsy!!
    Thanks! (or not??? :-)


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