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How do you deal with change? Do you hate it with a passion? Do you thrive on it?

I suppose that change can cause anxiety in anyone, depending on what it is. Well, my family has been coming up to a big change, and today was when things really hit. (No worries...it's good!)

For just over a year, my dad has been unemployed. There was MUCH searching of jobs. His desire was to go back to being a teacher after years of working in corporate America. Alas, that wasn't God's plan. Instead, my dad was recently hired as children's pastor (He has worked in children's ministry before, and our entire family has spent much time as volunteers).

Today was our family's first Sunday at a new church, with my dad's new responsibilities, and a fairly long drive. Let me tell you, this was a huge life change for all of us. We were very closely tied to our now former church and the people there, and we will miss them. But amazingly enough, there was something very easy, very smooth, about this change.


Our family was warmly welcomed, and in just one Sunday, we felt a part of things. I know that God worked in the entire experience, and I know He will continue to do good things.

So, I guess this is just to say, change can be hard. But it isn't always. And sometimes it is an opportunity for blessing.

Now, to work on remembering so many new names...

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  1. For the only thing that i know that is constant is change, we just have to deal with it be courageous for all that is about to come..


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