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things to do with embroidery...part seven...

Confession: I don't like how this project came out. I still love the idea, but my execution of it leaves something to be desired. Please look past it, and try this on your own...

Now that that's out of the way, here's this amazing fun project for you to use your embroidery on!

For a while I've been making these tiny books out of recycled packaging and unused old papers. I got to thinking that it would be fun to add some embroidered embellishment to them. I've attached fabric to the recycled cardboard before and it worked out really well, why not again? Here's how you can make your own:

recyled paper supplies

Cut the cover out of cardboard, like a cereal box. Mine was 3x6", but you could make it any size, really. Fold this in half. Cut the pages out of miscellaneous papers (I used 10 sheets). Mine were 2.5x5.5" to leave a border in from the cover. Fold the stack of papers in half.

assembling the book

Place your folded pages in the folded cover, and add a couple staples to the fold.

embroidery to be added

Cut out your embroidered piece. Or, if you have enough fabric to the left of your embroidery, cut the fabric to match the size of your cover (3x6").

craft glue to attach embroidery

Spread a thin-ish layer of craft glue (I used Aleene's Tacky Glue) onto the cover of your book only in place where your embroidery will go (it would be simpler to put the glue on the fabric cut-out, but it's easier to spread it thin this way).

all finished

Smooth your embroidered piece onto the glue. Yes, some of the glue may seep through thin fabric. Once it dries, you can't tell at all. And yes, depending on the thickness of the fabric, some of the work on the back of your embroidery may be a little lumpy. For both of these issues, I suggest stitching on canvas and the potential issues are reduced or eliminated.

I'm going to try making another one of these, this time with fabric that wraps around the whole cover. Or with a smaller piece of embroidery instead of one that just barely fits. (Hey...I had this on hand with no plans for another use...) But even in this less than perfect state, having the extra touch of stitching on this tiny book is nice. And the book is quite handy. Try one!


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