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things to do with embroidery...part five...

All finished
This may be one of my crazier, less practical ideas...but I made embroidered cupcake toppers. It kind of feels like one of those "Martha Stewart, cute...but yeah, right" ideas. Except, they are sooooo fun! Just make sure your guests don't even think about trashing them!

Here's what I did.
Tiny embroidery stitched and trimmed
These are stitched using some of my Teeny Tiny patterns, and I already had them stitched. They are really small, but this would work just as well with pieces that are a little bigger. I would say nothing wider than a cupcake though.

I trimmed around my embroidery, then trimmed a second piece of plain fabric to match.
Skewers cut to size
Toothpicks or lollipop sticks might work, but I went for wooden skewers. I figure they'll hold up well, and I want them to last. Really I do. I cut these to the length I wanted, and made sure that I kept track of which side I trimmed with my cutter. I don't want the cut end going into my cupcakes...unless I know exactly where that tool has been.
Gluing the skewer in place
At the cut end of my skewer, I added craft glue. Then I placed it on the back of the embroidery, and added the blank piece of fabric on top. This helps ensure that your hard work doesn't come right off the end of the pick.
Stitching around the edges
Once the glue dried, I added a running stitch around the edge. You could probably just glue the whole thing together, but when you've already gone to the work of making embroidered cupcake toppers, you'll want the cute stitching.
All finished and in use!
Now you're all ready to add them to your cupcakes! This one of the toilet paper roll is probably my favorite. Because, it's just not what you expect to see. Silly, I know.

Maybe these are the kind of things you make in mass for all the cupcakes for your next party, but you could add them to some for a little display. Or when you want to brighten someone's day...bring them one little cake with one of these. Or add a couple to the top of a regular cake. Or to hold your sandwich together. Or...

Have fun!


  1. you have the cutest little embroidery patterns!

  2. That is such a cute idea and I love the toilet paper cake too :)
    Wonder if you can laminate embroidery so they don't frosting sticky? I'm a messy cupcaker hee hee

  3. I Love this. You totally one up-ed Martha Stewart. You deserve a medal for that. No kidding.


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