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a souvenir...

teeny tiny baseball...

For the last few weeks I've been participating in "Souvenir Foto", a free online photography school. It's assignments are really just a motivation and inspiration to go out and take some creative pictures each week. This week there were two things to try: faux tiltshift (above) and forced perspective (below).

big boy or tiny toilets?

Although not intended to, the two photos kind of work together. A "miniature" baseball field and a kid (my brother) coming along to stomp on the port-a-potties that may belong to those tiny people.

This has been the extent of my creativity for the last few days. Although I have been working on some back to school ideas (my sister is giving me a hard time about this...I'm on schedule with Target and their school supplies).

But I'm excited because tonight some young friends (10 and 13) are coming over and I think there will be some craftiness. These girls need to know how to embroider! They were here yesterday for a while and I showed them some of the things I've made. The 10yo saw my cupcake toppers and said..."oh, you could make those to go on the top of chopsticks too!" Gotta love that fresh thinking!


  1. Love the photos. Back to school....hmmmmm....will we get to see them?

  2. Anonymous6:00 PM

    those are cool photos, i esp love the one of the your brother squashing the porta-potties. it's a very cool perspective angle.....

    and yes i'm sure you will have fun with your 2 litlte friends that are coming over, kids are just brimming with all sorts of fun ideas!

  3. helloooo Mollie !!
    I'm finally back online & I hope you're having a great start to the summer ! Your two photos are stunning, wow, you are such a great photographer !
    Sending you tons of hugs, I have tons to catch up, but eventually I'll be up to date with all of my friends .... soon !

  4. that second force perception one is excellent! it really looks like he's about to stomp into something he may not enjoy! :)



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