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(a photo I took today for the prompt "reflection")

Thank you for the sweet words about my sketches! Sharing those still feels a little strange to me. I'm not very confident in my drawing skills, which is probably good...it means that I should practice still! A few months back a friend (who I consider quite skilled at drawing) asked if he could look through my sketch book. I sort of paused, because, well...it seemed like such a personal thing. If I remember correctly, I let him look at it after giving instructions for things to skip over, and when he had finished looking, it was determined that I am an odd person. Which I am.

Anyway...those sketches are just a bit of what I'm working on or wanting to work on. There is so much in my head, on paper, and a bit on the computer. So much ready to become something.

My graphic design work has been slow lately, so I've had time to work on more of my craft and shop things. In fact, as they fill my days, those things have become almost like a full time job. Except pleasant, and without the full time pay.

OK, this pause to ramble and assess thoughts and feelings is done for now. I'm going to continue on with more projects and making more things happen. Progress is my friend...


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