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pattern testing...

jordnöt peanut plushie

The little jordnöts that I make were just begging to become plushies...and since jordnöt is Swedish for "peanut", it seemed only appropriate that the first one I would make would be a peanut. But I have patterns made to make these jordnöts into a bunch of different things: a penguin, bunny, clown, angel, and more.

jordnöt pattern pieces

The pattern will be available in the shop, but I still need to have a couple people test it out to be sure that it is easy to understand and to make. Would you like to test the pattern out?

I need two or three volunteers who can try the pattern out this week. (So I can get it ready for listing next week) It means reading through the instructions and making a couple different jordnöts. My goal is that everyone trying it out will make a different design. Then send me feedback after you've tried it.

Are you up for the challenge? Leave me a comment with your email address and I'll send the pattern to the first three people who want to help.

UPDATE: I'm all set for pattern testers!

Thank you!


  1. You know I'm always up for helping you out! ;)

  2. I think you've got my e-mail but it's chedderfish@gmail.com if not.

  3. I'll do it! Sounds fun.


  4. If you need another, I'm game. Looks fun!

  5. Do you need still a tester, I would love to help you.

  6. Not sure if you still need someone or not, but I would LOVE to try these cuties out for you!