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hug a kiwi...

Quaint Kiwi!

After showing my sketches two posts ago, Catherine suggested that I should make a Quaint Kiwi softie. You know, because I wanted to hug him. Well, how could I not? I figured that it would be super easy, and it pretty much was. So, I'm sharing with you my quick pattern and a few basic instructions.

Quaint Kiwi Pattern

Click the image above to download the pattern from Flickr. It is available in multiple sizes...just make sure that when you print it, the pattern piece measures about 3" high.

1. Cut out 4 pieces from brown felt. The brown eco felt that I had was a bit dark for a kiwi, but it still works.

2. Embroider a face onto one of the pieces.

3. Match your first two pieces together and stitch one side up using an overhand stitch.

4. Add the face piece to one side of your first two, and be sure that the points are coming together and matching pretty close. The face should be on the inside.

(I made the mistake of having the face piece be last, resulting in an unsightly seam by his face.)

5. Add your last piece, then stitch the first and last pieces together, forming like a little ball. Leave about 1" open.

6. Turn the kiwi right side out, then fill with stuffing. Sew the last inch closed.

7. Make your kiwi fuzzy by brushing him a little, or sticking tape on, then peeling off.

8. Hug your Quaint Kiwi, cuz he's just so cute!

If you have any questions or run into any problems with the pattern or instructions, please let me know!


  1. the dearest Kiwi I've ever seen...

  2. Oh my goodness!!! I thought he was felted. He's too cute!

  3. OMG. I want Mollie to make me one of these! :)

  4. That is eye-watering cute. I've half a mind to make this and tuck it into my husband's lunch. I send him kiwi's quite often. Thanks so much for the idea, I'll be linking.


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