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community inspiration...

When the ladies from The Spark asked about me about guest blogging, they suggested "inspiration" as a topic. So I've been thinking about that idea for about a week. But wouldn't you know, when you're really needing to be inspired about inspiration, it doesn't happen! Maybe that's not entirely true...but what I was thinking about didn't feel just right. For The Spark. But it is something that I would really like to share, and I think this is a good spot.

Tomorrow is Independence Day, and there's a lot to be said for independence. Creating, doing your own thing, being your own person...these are all a gift. But when it comes to inspiration, I like a bit of community. All of the people in your life, children, adults, family, friends, internet contacts (I don't know what I'd do without my blog and Flickr friends!), can be just the inspiration you're looking for.

Here are some ways that I find community inspiration:

1. Have Fun. Just being together and doing fun, goofy stuff with others can bring new ideas. My siblings and I frequently find silly things to do, and they lead to new projects. Bench Monday on Flickr is a constant source of inspiration as I search for new ways to stand on a bench each week and see others to the same.

2. Share Thoughts. Bouncing ideas off of others can be really helpful. I'm fortunate that I am part of a creative family, but sometimes they don't even get me. That's helpful as I'm working on new things because they can say, "umm...I don't understand why the nativity scene has faces that aren't on their faces..." (yes, this is true...I'm still trying to sell them on this idea!)

3. Ask for Help. When you're stuck, tell someone and ask if they have any ideas. Often they'll be able to get you started again. My internet community is great when it comes to this. If I'm looking for new ideas, all I have to do is ask...and you all supply!

4. Create Together. Whether it's on the same project, of different things...being creative alongside someone can keep you going. My friend Catherine and I get together for crafting and coffee or tea about once a month. We both chat and stitch and when we leave, we both feel a sense of accomplishment and friendship.

5. Inspire Someone. This is the best one. When you are looking to give others some help along the way, you'll find that you're inspired too. This is true with a lot of things, but I know that it works with creativity. Inspire others, encourage them, and you'll get even more in return!

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  1. Ain't it all true? I love #5. That's when I get my best ideas.


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