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things to do with embroidery...part two...

Do you enjoy reading during the summer? I do, although I'm not reading anything at the moment. I must fix that, but when I do, I'll be all ready with a new bookmark that I've made out of some recent embroidery. This is easy peasy, so I'm calling it my Easy Peasy Bookmark. It's another idea for things to make out of your pieces of embroidery.

pinwheel wip

Start with your stitching. For mine, I used Long-Winded Pinwheel from my new The 4th! pattern. To make it bookmark size, I elongated the handle.

Easy Peasy Bookmark

Next, I took my finished embroidery and cut a piece of brown kraft paper to a similar size as my fabric. This was a bit larger than my finished bookmark would be. On the sewing machine, I stitched around the rectangle a few times. I went for messy.

Easy Peasy Bookmark

Trim around the bookmark, leaving about .25" around the stitching.

Easy Peasy Bookmark

Fray the edges.

Easy Peasy Bookmark

And you're done! Start reading a good book, but not so good that you don't want to put it down. After all, you want to actually use your bookmark!

The nice thing about this is that there is very little finishing work. And the kraft paper gives it some stability. Now, if you want to see an all fabric bookmark made with embroidery that was looking for a use, check out the one that Tracy made. So cute!


  1. Oooh Mollie, what a darling bookmark you've made ! And I love the way you sewed it on paper ! How brilliant !!! It's very pretty ! :D
    Have a great middle of the week. Sorry for being a bit absent these days ...

  2. That is really cute! And maybe something
    that even *I* could manage! Thanks for posting!!

  3. How cool is that! I never thought to use kraft paper. Thanks for the link to my work--I feel like a celebrity now. :-)


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