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seeing the light...

I must be crazy bench monday

Last night I may have been a little ambitious in thinking that I could hand piece a quilt. Especially considering that I have enough fabric to make 34 ten inch disappearing nine patch blocks. So today, in the light, I've decided that I will machine piece it, and then hand quilt it. (because it makes it oh so quaint)

darks and lights

Also in the light, I took these pictures of the fabric that I'm going to use for the blocks. This was a pack of fat quarters that my mom gave me for Christmas one year, so they were already coordinated. And they were sitting around doing nothing, which means less money to spend on this "brilliant" idea of mine, and more room in the cupboard!

I still think I'm a little nuts to be doing this, but less than I could be. Right?


  1. Oh, you're sounding just like me.....Mrs. Responsibility (minus the Mrs. part ; )

    I too just started a quilt project and decided to use my stash. It isn't always "fun" in the beginning when you're dreaming about shopping, selecting, touching, oooing and aahhing in the quilt shop. (Not to mention the other wonderful and inspiring quilts there!) It is quite satisfying (and husband-pleasing....but leave that with the Mrs. part) to see the stash pile going down and a new quilt forming.

    I'll look forward to seeing your progress. The fabrics you're using are wonderful!


    Have a great day....sewing!

  2. Those fabrics look gorgeous together. It would be hard not to make them into a quilt!

  3. JenSu1:16 PM

    Jump right in and feel good about using up some of your stash!


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