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just because...

Yesterday and today have been busy days, and tomorrow will be more of the same. Nothing exciting, just busy. So, I don't have much to share, except for this SeaSiders printable list PDF! It features Cordial Crab and Bored Bucket, and hopefully you'll be neither crabby or bored while using these lists.

Download the lists.


  1. these are so adorable!

    open. print. =)

    did i ever tell you i love your style?

  2. Having a to-do list has never been so fun. I'm just getting ready to fill it in for tomorrow.

    Got the painting today and I LOVE it!!!! Love, love, love, love. Perfect! Thank you! I'll blog tomorrow.

  3. Thank you! These are too cute!! :)

  4. That crab is the cutest! I'll be linking. Thanks so much for all your amazing printables!


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