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i am not a vegetarian...

Black Bean Burgers...yum

...but I could be. You see, I have this thing about meat. It kind of grosses me out in an "eww...dead animal" sort of way. I can eat it, but I can't think about it. These days, I'm only eating white meat. And then there's the cooking. This can be a challenge, because raw is even worse. I won't touch it.

Which is why I've been wanting to try out Martha Stewart's Black Bean Burger recipe for some time. Yesterday, I did. They were soooo good! If you like veggie burgers at all, you should try these. They taste wonderful and were much cheaper than the kind you buy (as in, around $2 for 15 burgers!)

I pretty much followed the recipe, except for a few things: I omitted the hot sauce, but added extra ketchup (it seemed a little dry to me). Also, after I made all of the patties, I popped them into the freezer for a while. Then I grilled them, rather frying them.

There were mixed reviews from the kids here (always!), but the adults all loved these burgers. Definitely a keeper. I might even make up a bunch to keep on hand!

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  1. I just told my husband we're making these tomorrow! We're vegetarians and HUGE bean patty fans. I love keeping them in the freezer for a five minute meal. I haven't tried this recipe yet but I'm excited to give it a shot tomorrow. I already have everything I need-love that! Thanks so much for posting this!


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