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a few little things...

quilt cutting

This will be a mix of things to share...I'll try not to be too random!

First off, here's my progress on the planned quilt. The fabric is not quite all cut yet, but I'm about 75% there. I love how the little stacks of neatly pressed and cut squares look.

muslin pieces

Today I felt like I was working in a fabric store, as I was cutting a lot of fabric. I cut out 120+ triangles of muslin for a project at church this Sunday. It's going to be soooo much fun! Next week I'll share the details, plus a version for you to try.

No you are

Now, check out this adorable card that Kristi sent me today! See the teeny bomb she stitched from my pattern? Eep! I love it! Thanks, Kristi!

Thanks also to everyone who has left those wonderful comments lately. It's reassuring to know that others get uber cranky in the heat too. And going back about a week, that you understand things taking longer than you want them to. You guys are the best blog friends ever!


  1. I love the fabby stacks. All that cutting! Wow...

    Yay! I am glad you like the card. :) It was fun to make. :) :)

  2. That card is too cute!

  3. I wish my girls went to Sunday School at your church. Shoot, I wish I went too! You come up with loads of fun crafts with terrific messages.

  4. I just recently found your blog and am reading from oldest to newest and I am in LOVE with all of your little creations. Between yours and the other blogs I have been following I am inspired to finish the quilt I started to make (one square is done) with my Memere about 10 years ago. I wanted to tell you that the fabric on the top of the left pile looks alarmingly similar to the pattern on my store bought bed set! I can't wait to catch up and learn about what you are working on right now!


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