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Caregiver Kits are on their way...

Caregiver Kit

Woohoo! All of the Caregiver Kits have been packed up, and sent off. FedEx came and picked up the boxes today, and I'm so excited! This fall I think I'll be doing this again, and hopefully we'll put together even more Kits. The labels on the Kits say that they are from the Wild Olive Family...that's all of you who helped by making a purchase (and my dear family who helped me assemble!). Thanks again, and enjoy a few pictures of the packing process:

Writing notes

Assembling Kits

Items in a Caregiver Kit

Lots of Kits

Boxes waiting to go...


  1. It's a great thing you've done, hope I'm able to help in my small way in the Fall. Keep the cute patterns coming :)

  2. JenSu9:54 PM

    I think all of your hard work is just wonderful!

  3. The coolest thing I've seen in a long time. What a blessing you are. I wish I could see what it looks like when they reach their destination.

  4. You are so sweet for doing such a wonderful thing and making a different to peoples lives xo


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