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on the cuff...

Paper Airplane Coffee Cuff

You may remember that I started stitching the Popular Paper Air Mail plane a few weeks back. I really did finish it...then made it into a coffee cuff...then gave it away without taking a picture. So then I made another one...and thankfully remembered to take a picture before giving this one away.

Normally I wouldn't want to continue making the same thing over and over, but I do love it so...and it isn't a difficult thing to stitch up...sooo I've decided that I need one for myself. The only cuff that I have has a Miffed Mitten on it, and that just doesn't work for these warm days.

In addition to this stitching, I realize that I really need to get something made for my mom. In a hurry, 'cause, there just isn't much time left, is there? Like, 4 days to come up with sweet and special...I'm up for it!


  1. Hi Mollie ! :)
    Aww that coffee cuff is so adorable !
    I'm just like you & always forget to make things for me.
    This year, Mothers' Day is later, in June, in France. Must have been delayed because of other banks days in May.
    Lots of hugs your way xoxox


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