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mother's day stitching is done...

for nanny.

Hooray! I'm all set for Mother's Day! It was a little close, as I hadn't figured anything out until the beginning of the week, but with a suggested from my sister and a pattern from Polka Dot Bunny, a plan was made!

The towel above is for my Nanny (grandma). She loves me, so she hopefully won't mind the somewhat wonky stitching. The towel itself is partly to blame. These are the IKEA towels I got, and although they work for stitching on, they stretch a bit, and therefore, the circle border is not such a great circle.

for mom.

And my mom gets this Wack-O Wooden Spoon towel. Did you get spankings as a child? I did. Not with a wooden spoon, but I still find that this is a great Mother's Day theme. I planned on giving her a second towel with Timely Timer on it, but time it seems, ran out. I'll still make it for her eventually. Both of the characters are from my set of Baker's Best Tool Friends illustration doodles, but are not in the embroidery pattern sets. Something special just for mom!


  1. I take it your mom doesn't read this blog! I love both designs and the bear's circle is very sweet and doesn't look wrong. in other words: I wouldn't have noticed. That bear draws one in. everything else is details!

    I ended up making for something from elsie's winter class for my mother-in-law. I got little jars, stuck bits of lace around and put little led candle lights inside the jars. But shhhhhh...don't tell her that I've turned them on every night to admire their sweetness! something about tiny flickering lights is so magical....

  2. Hi Mollie !
    Thanks so much for your kind wishes, they did warm my heart !
    I hope your mom & grandma had a brilliant Mother's Day, they are lucky to have you as daughter & grand-daughter ! Your gifts were so special & made with so much love oxoxoxo


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