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Giveaway Winner!

OK folks, just past midnight last night I put 1-25 into the random number generator (there are 26 comments there now...one came in after the winner was chosen). And the number it came up with was 5. Counting from the top down, the winner is TracyC! Tracy's comment:

"I'm obsessed with lemons and oranges right now so I'd love to see a happy lemon and a sassy orange."

Fruit was a common idea, and will definitely be showing up in the shop on paintings, recipe cards and more! Other ideas that we heard a lot of were things to do with crafts and woodland animals.

Thank you all for your helpful ideas! I love them all and am looking forward to working on new paintings.

And TracyC, your secret surprise painting will be mailed at the beginning of the week!


  1. Congrats TracyC! :) Such a cute suggestion of lemons and oranges!! :) :)

  2. WAHOO!!!!! I'm so excited. Happy dance, happy dance. :-) Thank you Mollie. You are a sweetie.


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