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to be embellished...

Goodwill find...

(you'll have to forgive the photo...it was getting dark, but I just had to share this today)

Back in December, in the class that I took from Elsie, one of the projects was an embellished bag. Like the felt charm cuffs that I recently made, I never got to it. In this case, it has been for lack of a good bag to work on. I found a corduroy one which I like, but it hasn't inspired me yet. But then at Goodwill, I found this leather backpack.

The color is nice, and the weight isn't too heavy...just right. Oh, and it was $2.

There is no lining, just the backside of the leather, but this is a plus, I think. I'm going to line it with a cute print. Maybe a tiny floral? or stripes? But before that is all in place, I'm going to add some embroidery to the outside. I think it will be so sweet! Now...what to add...

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous10:44 PM

    What a great bag! I'm picturing either some great simple leaves or a heart filled with a woodgrain pattern. You've reminded me that I need to make it into Goodwill!


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