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stitching paper airplanes...

Paper Airplane Embroidery

I'm way overdue in creating a promised coffee cuff for a friend. So today I finally got started. This sweet little paper airplane has been something I've been doodling for a while, and it seemed just perfect for his coffee cuff. And I'm thinking it would be perfect for one for me too.

If you'd like the pattern so you can make one, make sure you're on the Mailing A-List! (See sidebar to sign up.) Then watch your inbox, because this exclusive embroidery pattern will be emailed out tomorrow morning! (if you missed the email, you can still join the list, then head to the files section of the Google Group!)


  1. Paperplanes aresuch a good motif to embroider. I just love the lines in it.

    In the winter 2007 I sewed a little shirt in flax for a little friend of ours. I thought that he needed a paper plane on the shirt....flying into his pocket. :0)

  2. i absolutely love this idea :]

  3. OMg..I all of a sudden LOVE paper airplanes..that and mustaches..bet that is a different story..I think I may have missed the email...off to the "spam" folder where stoopid yahoo probably spit it out into! Thanks for this...!!!


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