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rainy days and mondays...

Come again another day...

OK, so I admit to shamelessly stealing the song title of this post from my my sister. She already made the reference in her own bench monday picture.

But the day did get me down. At least a little. It's cold and rainy. (Yesterday was so nice!) The ball game I had tickets to got rained out. (After my brother and I sat at the ball park for over an hour.) And now I'm feeling a little flu-ish. (And here I thought I would be the one in the family to stay healthy!)

The day hasn't been all bad though. My brother and I still had some good time together, and he entered his first bench monday picture (it's becoming a family thing...each helping each other with shots when needed). And soon I will prepare for some snuggling in on the couch to watch a movie and sip some tea.


  1. One of my favorite of your photos. Love it.

  2. (PS: I guess all Mondays have their end. The problem is that they come back around again and again! :)


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