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printmaking attempt one...

Last week I carved up these stamps, and last night I tried out a few prints. For all of these I used acrylic paint, which I kind of like. But for some of the substrates that I tried...not so much.

umbrella on canvas

This first one on canvas just didn't work at all. I didn't even bother stamping the handle on.

umbrella on kraft paper

Then I tried it on kraft paper. Again, not so great. But I liked the look of the paint on the kraft, so I tried just painting, not printing:

painted umbrella on kraft paper

Besides the fact that I didn't even make it match the others exactly, I feel like this one is just blah. It's things like this that give me feelings of mediocrity.

umbrella on watercolor paper

The good news is that this print on watercolor paper came out really well, I think. The imperfections are still there, which I like, but generally, it has decent coverage, and you can see the texture of the paper.

umbrella on fabric

Finally, on this linen-like fabric...a favorite result. Again, you get the texture of the fabric showing, but it is a nice enough print. The size of this is about 5" square, so I think that it may end up as a patch or a pocket.

I have another new stamp that I am looking forward to carving and trying out with some block printing ink. I'll be eager to see how that comes out, and what other inks I might try. Fingers crossed that the next round of trials come out well!


  1. Aren't we funny? My favorite is probably the first!

  2. That is funny! Actually, I think I had high hopes for the canvas, so maybe that's why I was so disappointed...

  3. I'm with Mal. I like the first one the best. The texture is wonderful. Not as cartoon-like, but I really like it.

  4. Like two other commenter I liker the first one.

  5. I just stumbled on this post when looking for some "linen-like" fabrics (I love the random things that pop up). So I'm just stopping in to say hello :) Cute blog! And darling umbrella. You have a gorgeous style. I'll be coming back again!


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