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more printing fun...

trying out a newly carved stamp

My dad brought me some white block printing ink to try out. So I started thinking, what would be fun to print in white? Oh yes, a paper airplane. So I used my little design and carved up another stamp.

paper airplane on fabric

This one on fabric was with acrylic paint. None of these have faces yet, but they will. I'm contemplating how I'll do this. Paint? Maybe. Embroidery? Likely. I like the idea of combining the two medium. On fabric, I think it will look very nice. On paper? Even better!

paper airplane on wood and kraft

These on kraft paper and wood are the block printing ink. Nice thick stuff, that. I love the white on the kraft paper, but I printed one on wood too. Again, I'm liking it. The one thing is, this ink takes a while to dry it seems. It has been almost two hours and I'm still finding that it's a bit wet. Hmmm...


  1. that is a great stamp

  2. That stamp is so cool! I like how it looks in red.
    Thanks for the paper plane embroidery freebie, its awesome!! xo


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