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a few of my favorite (wearable) things...

Dear Sonia shared friends' shop links today (thank you!) and last week I shared some favorite shops that sell printables. This got me thinking that I should continue this, and share some more favorites. So...today, we have wearables.

Garlands of Grace
sells the most amazing head coverings and headbands. They look so romantic, don't they?

Lirola makes me wish that I was the kind of person that could buy a $79 t-shirt. I love her work!

I just found this skirt from HartandLauren. One leaf is a pocket!

These shoes from NeitherOddnorEven are so ladylike, yes? This shade of blush pink is a favorite of mine.

Can't wait to show you what I've started learning! It will have to wait until tomorrow though, so you can actually see pictures taken in real daylight...


  1. oh! i love everything but especially the shoes! so cute :D

    hope you're having a wonderful night

  2. Hi Mollie :)
    You're absolutely welcome for yesterday's blog post, I should have done this way earlier !
    Oh your selection of wearable is absolutely delightful ! I'm in love with the hearband & blue shirt, how gorgeous are they !! :) You really have an eye for picking such lovely things !
    I can't wait to see what you've started learning !!! xoxoxo

  3. dorothy8:25 PM

    Thanks for the recommendations. I just purchased the beautiful ruched headband.


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