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cut it out...


So here's what I decided that I needed to learn! Paper cutting! Obviously, I'm starting simple. Both of these were cut freehand (which is how I heard that Elsita started) and I like that idea, but...I think that I will also try working with a template (like Skinny LaMinx does...her work blows my mind, especially after what I tried). Teaching myself will be a process.

papercutting dandelion

The dandelion was cut with scissors. I have this case with three sizes of scissors in it, and this was the tiniest pair. When my sister saw them, she commented on now knowing my weapon of choice. Also, on how being a crafter apparently requires lots of different tools.

papercutting umbrella

The Umbrella was cut with a knife. This definitely has more flexibility, but the knife I used wasn't the best for this. So, I think another new tool may be needed. That might make Anna even more nervous than the scissors!

This really comes about because I've been wanting to learn how to screen print. Not just the Gocco kind, although I want to be more creative with that too. But this requires thinking differently than I usually do with my illustrations. The block printing that I've been playing with is the same kind of thing. So I got to thinking about freezer paper stencils (I'm going to try that too) and that led me to paper cutting. Now in my mind it's all one big project/idea.

But I feel like it has potential...you know, with practice.

1 comment:

  1. Nice! Love the dandelion! For your firsts ones they turned out great!
    I love Elsitas work as well!


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