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a cut above the rest...

Some people might think that what I'm about to say is crazy. But not you. You'll completely understand me.

I have favorite scissors.

And I get rather possessive about them. As in, these are my special favorite scissors...so don't you be touching them!

My Favorite Old Scissors

Let's start with these little ones that were mine as a child. They are Sanrio Little Twin Stars scissors. Or at least the little case is Little Twin Stars. But that makes them soooo adorable, right? Here's the best part, they cut really, really well. So I use them for my embroidery scissors.

Here's where I read your thoughts. "Why is there that little section missing from the handle? Is that some sort of special handle?" OK, so maybe you weren't thinking that. But here's my sad story. One day, I dropped these scissors. And, seeing as how they are around 25 years old and, ahem, brittle, the handle broke. Of course, I was heartbroken, but couldn't bear to give them up. I use them this way still.

My Favorite New Scissors

Now, new favorite scissors. But first a little background. My office doesn't have a door. I'm really fine with that. But...My office is also the place where my little brothers and sister go to for fun supplies. Tape is a favorite, but scissors, well, they love 'em. So I was always having to go hunt for scissors. It got to making me really crazy. And not we're back to those pictured above.

I got these at Target for around $1 on clearance. (They are by Maped and are called Tatoo Teen scissors, in their school section.) They were so cute that I got two pairs. These seemed like a good idea, in case one went wandering. When I got them, I was figuring on just using them for general use...paper and such. Imagine my glee when they cut fabric (felt, cotton, canvas) as well as any $30 scissors do! Really, I can't say enough about these amazing things! If one can fall in love with a pair of scissors, I'm there. (And to follow up on going missing supplies, everyone in the house knows that the brown printed scissors belong to Mollie...so don't take them!)

There you have it. Favorite scissors, old and new. Now, tell me that you understand. You do, right?


  1. I totally understand- I am the same way with my scissors and sharpies.

  2. I completely understand. Off to Target to see if they still sell these.

  3. my mom always told me to take care of my sissors & never use them for something they aren't supposed to be used for.

    mom has these:


    i love them so much. the font for the logo & the pretty flowers. sigh.

    & i have a pair of fiskars with a neon pink handle. i've had them since i was really little & never want to loose them.

  4. Hee! You knew we would understand. (And, oh yeah, WE DO.)

  5. totally get it and have the same pair from Target.. also bought on clearnace!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. It's been a few years since I taught preschool but I still use kiddie scissors -- one pair has blunt ends so I don't stab myself. And, I still have a pair of Hello Kitty mini scissors from 30 years ago so I do understand.


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