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Thank goodness that spring is on its way! A walk in the warm weather today was just perfect.

I've been working on some new spring themed items to get me in the mood, and today two of the items will go in the shop. Very soon. The Springy journaling collage sheet has icons of some lovely spring things, and the Delighted Dandelion is my favorite.

Then there is the Spring Costume Kids embroidery pattern. They are kids faces wearing Easter and flower costumes. I stitched one of them onto this canvas tote bag, which I have been unable to iron the wrinkles out of. Grrr. I stitched it by pinning the printout onto the canvas and stitching through the paper and the fabric. Well, on all by one stitch, where I missed the fabric. Grrr again. Fortunately the paper tore away relatively easy. My friend was removing stabilizer with a tweezers recently, so I'll try not to complain about this. (How's that going, Catherine? Done yet?

Easter Egg Kid Bag

Next on my list of planned projects are making some more painted canvas brooches, and listing them in the shop. That and some paintings on wood, maybe? What do you think?

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  1. Anonymous3:52 PM

    It's done! I only had to re-sew one small part. Not bad considering all yanking that went on! Looks like paper is just as irritating to use.


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