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my blog book...

my blog worthy book

Of course, there are so many ways to make little books, like my remade tiny books for example. But lately I've been really loving this kind of one piece of paper, no stapling required book. Just fold, cut, fold.

folding the paper

First, you fold the paper lengthwise, and unfold. Then fold in half the other way, unfold, and fold in the two ends to the middle. Basically, you're getting these creases in place so that the page is divided into 8 sections.

cutting the paper

With the paper folded in half, cut from the fold to the first crease, so that you have a slit in the middle of the paper. You can use an exact-o knife for this, but I find that a scissors is much easier.

folding the book

Again, fold the paper lengthwise, then holding the sides, push towards the middle so that the slit opens, and as you continue to push the sides in, the whole thing forms a sort of "X". Then you just fold it in half to form a book, with each arm of the "X" acting as a page.

So fun, and it fits perfectly in my back pocket so I always have it on hand!


  1. Anonymous10:11 PM

    How cool! I'm going to have to make one!

  2. This little booklet is awesome, Mollie !! I'll have to try this ASAP !! Thanks for the tip ! So handy indeed ! xoxo Happy Sunday !

  3. I make these little notebooks all the time (whenever I have a to-do list that needs making) and love your little tutorial! I also make them a LOT with my art therapy clients because they are a quick and easy way to make a story feel special. Once they're made, they have a front/back cover, and room for a story's beginning, middle, and end with their three interior pages. Awesome. Good reminder -- thanks, lady!

  4. I learned how to make this in college when I was doing my teaching practicum. I love them and make them all the time for my boys: great for teaching numbers, colors, etc!

  5. So sweet! Thank you!!! :) I'm definitely going to make one soon. I'm always grabbing pieces of mail, receipts, fortune cookie papers, anything in the bottom of my purse to write down something to remember. This would be awesome to make and have all my random notes in one place!

  6. These little books are great, I use them often with kids to create their own little comic books, or when learning new words in class.

  7. Wow. I got very good art here. Thanks


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